• Oils That Help In Stimulating Beard Growth

    From ancient times, people have become accustomed to the assessment of genetics, status, and masculinity of the representatives of the stronger sex as the chin. Today, despite the aesthetic nuance of man's beard, every man fails to become a thick and long beard, which can also become the subject of pride and honor. Experts advise not to be disturbed but to choose for themselves a useful tool for the growth of beard.


    To understand whether the selected oil helps improve the quality and appearance of the beard, use the tool will be long and regular. Experts advise the use of oil, even those who have a beard by nature grow quickly and densely, but to improve the quality of the hair structure, giving the beard a bright, saturated color, a healthy glow, and a well-maintained look.


    Base oils, such as apricot, olive oil, or almond oil, are used to create a multi-component mask. Additionally, useful esters are added, most often experts use pine needles, wood flavorings, citrus oil, rosemary or tea tree oil. It is vital to make proportions so that the mask does not cause skin irritation and an allergic reaction.


    The most popular and natural beard growth activator is burdock oil. It can be used as a base, but only in small quantities due to a high percentage of fat. If you mix a few drops of baking oils with tea elixir, you can remove irritation and skin allergies, as well as provide a chin with a pleasant aroma and softness.


    However, if you mix pepper oil, but only once again in minimum proportions, in this case, the mask will stimulate growth and hair loss by accelerating blood circulation. The oil should be slightly warmed, rubbed on the palms, and then rubbed into the chin's skin so that it is absorbed as much as possible. It will be necessary to wash the oil only after 30-60 minutes with soap and hot water.

  • Ways To Accelerate Facial Hair Growth

    For folk remedies that allow breeding of mustache, include tallow and castor oil. Their main advantage in natural composition, which practically does not cause side effects. In order to effectively apply these tools at home, one can use several recipes.


    How does chin come up with oils? It is recommended to mix mixtures of castor oil and bovine oils, wipe them with the washer and place them on the shed beforehand for 2 hours. You can also apply a combine combine to comb and comb through the hair on your face before going to bed. In the morning wash the vegetation under the nose and on the cheeks thoroughly. This tool allows not only to care for it but also to grow faster.


    How to make folk remedies faster and confuse? To speed up hair growth on the face, one can add a red pepper to the oil and apply such a skin compression for 15 minutes. Pepper can significantly improve blood circulation and activate hair follicles.


    How do you grow a beard with drugs? Vitamin preparations are referred to medications that a person can take at home without appointing an expert. Activate baby growth such as: biotin, B1, B6, B12. There are fats that contain certain hormones that will help you grow your mustache fast. However, their use can cause hormone disorder and lead to side effects, so it is better to start using them at home after consultation with a physician.

    It is recommended that oil castor oil or nettle oil spurs hair growth

    Beard growth cream is a special cosmetic product. It consists of natural ingredients, such as: green tea, sesame and dairy oil, clitoris, nutmeg. The medicine is relatively safe, does not contain hormones and other chemically active substances. To be able to grow a beard using natural facial hair growth products, the man must read the instructions carefully.


    Why not grow a beard? In cases where rare facial vegetation is rare and growing slowly, this may be a manifestation of testosterone deficiency. In order to increase concentration, lifestyle change is recommended. A man should pay special attention to sports, abandon bad habits, switch to proper nutrition, actively consume fruits and vegetables and try to reduce the impact of stress factors.


    So a man can quickly grow up mustache and beard at home. This requires a certain amount of patience and proper hair care on the face. You do not need to get upset if you do not grow your thick chin and mustache immediately. The main thing is self-confidence and strict adherence to the haircut recommendations.

    Beard care: tips for the right beard care

    Good beard care starts with the right knowledge. I would like to give you tips on how you can best take care of your beard yourself . The most important thing for a beautiful beard is a good bond with your barber! A good beard really starts with a good model. For this you go to the barber, he can tell you everything about the right products and the maintenance of your beard.


    Beard care: growing your beard


    Most men decide to leave a beard one day, but after a while they discover that you also have to maintain the beard . So it's actually important that before you start growing a beard, you try to imagine what kind of beard you would like to have. If you want more beard inspiration check the article " beard trends 2018 "


    To grow your beard you have to do what you always do...except shave then! Tricks to make your beard grow faster do little. The speed at which your beard grows and how full it is / will be hereditary. Something that is important to know before you start is that it will bother you after a few days. We are not talking about just itching but really itching! You will also have to go through this. Do you want to know more about what you can do against an itchy beard? Then check the article “an itchy beard is very annoying!”


    Beard care: care of your beard


    Good beard care products like Scotch Porter beard wash are very important. Many men now know that they are important, but often have no idea why and how you use them. First of all it is important to keep your beard clean. So wash your beard regularly. For this, use a (beard) shampoo and possibly a conditioner. Then comes the beard oil. Beard oil comes in many different shapes and sizes. Personal preference quickly determines which you will use. Beard oil is intended for men with beards and has therefore been given that name, but it is especially important for skin under the beard.


    So make sure you also apply the oil to the skin. Modeling a beard is not done with beard oil but with a balm. As the beard grows taller and longer, it will also become more unmanageable. The peaks and plucking of the beard hair can be prevented with a balm or beard wax. I must honestly say that I usually just use a little of my hair styling product. When I have done my hair, I then bring what I still have on my hands through my beard. Do you have a large and long (er) beard then the article is "beard care big beard ”also handy to read. Here I explain how you can best care for a large beard.


    Beard trends


    Beard trends are always quite sensitive with beard wearers. Yet you cannot ignore the fact that there are indeed beard trends. At the beginning of January 2018 I completely revamped my beard. This to the great frustration of Marie Louise and the children. My beard almost went off and I did not touch my mustache. In the meantime my beard has grown bigger and fuller. I recently wrote that I notice that many men go for a big but tight beard . In the meantime, it is only true that the beard itself is no longer a trend. Someone who now wants to leave his beard does this really because he wants it himself and if you already have a beard, then you won't get rid of it that easily anymore. It becomes a part of who you are!

  • What To Do To Stimulate Beard Growth

    Many women find it attractive when men leave a beard and men are aware of this. Where does the difference in beard growth in men come from? Some men already have a mature beard during puberty, while some men even have to wait a few years after puberty.


    What are factors that influence beard growth?


    Beard growth can vary from man to man. The hair grows through 'androgens', hormones that are present to a greater extent in men than in women. Hereditary genes also play a major role, so origin also plays a role. In terms of hereditary genes, the number of male hormones produced during puberty (the amount of testosterone and androgens) is related to beard growth, men who produce a lot of testosterone will be able to leave a mature beard relatively early. Considering descent, men with dark hair have a fuller beard faster than other men, and Northern European men often even only a few years after puberty. Read more about Beardilizer Oil to find out how can it help in stimulating beard growth.




    A drug used to treat high blood pressure, it soon became apparent that it also stimulated hair growth because the supply of blood to the hair shaft was improved. When you want to start with this, keep in mind that it is relatively expensive and can have unpleasant side effects. It is advisable to consult your doctor, although its scientific effect has never been proven.


    Enough sleep is important


    Poor sleepers have a low testosterone level, the testosterone level in men is highest after about six hours of sleep. A few hours after the six hours of sleep, the testosterone level will only do well. A good night's rest is related to the prevention of stress, as stress can cause hair loss and will have a negative effect on your beard growth.


    Do not drink too much alcohol


    It is known that alcohol is unhealthy. The production of testosterone is drastically reduced by its use. Testosterone is produced in the testicles, alcohol damages the cells that take care of the production and can temporarily reduce the production of testosterone. The harmful effect is enhanced with three or more glasses of alcohol per day.

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